The woods along the street

It's hard to condense the woods along the street into one picture, but don't want to waste your downloading time, either. Here's one photo that'll have to do.

Mr Peterson, who cleared the land and built all the structures on the property, wisely left this wall of forest at the street. It runs about 25 yards wide most of the length of the street.

Outside this mini-forest every pine tree was removed, leaving only hardwood trees scattered here and there. 

I counted these trees once and reached 55. I might have missed a tree, or counted one twice, but that number's close enough. Most of the trees are south and west of the house, perfect for shading it in summer.

Leaves are a challenge. I rake and burn in the fall, and we'll ride over the few that dropped afterwards with the lawnmower once or twice during the winter. If not, if the leaves piled up, the grass underneath would be ruined.

Last autumn I was in Iraq and couldn't take care of the trees. This spring (in 2007) Jem and I raked and burned over 50 large piles. Took us almost a week.

It was a lot of fun, actually. The brisk air and good music made it a great alternative to the couch inside.


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