Kohn's Corner ... welcome


Thanks for stopping by.

This site - and the magic of the Internet - lets me share with friends and family some of what makes life fun.

I'm just learning this game of website writing (you could tell already?), so bear with me and my utter lack of artistic vision.

Here's what I've got so far.

Deserted Island Music ... for those who love music

Deserted Island Movies ... the ten I'll take 

Deserted Island Books ... these, too

Woodworking ... for the amateur woodworkers out there

Israel ... between the ignorance and the bias, hard to know what's worse 

Our home in Georgia ... be it ever so humble

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People ... my take on it

The Joys of Compost ... nothing here for experienced gardeners, but if you've never composted, please take a look

Steve and Jem Go to Thailand ... a trip report

Steve Goes to Gardez ... another trip report

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