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This looks like it's just Steve’s dopey website. Which it is.

It has a purpose, though, and that's to help those of us who love music to expand our horizons.

Please note: There's no music to download here. We're going to share our favorite musicians, not their music.

We'll find no ads, no links to Amazon, Google or any other commercial site. This is entirely a labor of love.

So again, what's this site about?

It's mostly to learn about musicians we'd not heard of. Also to recognize some musicians who never got as much praise as they deserved.

You'll read my list, I'll read yours. Later, we'll see the CD at a store or yard sale, and we'll give it a try. Maybe add it to our own Deserted Island list.

Using the familiar deserted island scenario, where we're stranded alone for a very long time, which ten CDs would we choose to bring?

In the real world, of course, we could never narrow all our favorite music down to just ten discs. Heck, in the real world, we'd bring ALL our music on a flash drive.

But I'm sure you understand "ten CDs" is to help us focus, or our lists would run on forever.

The ship is about to leave. Got your music ready?

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