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My Lost Treasure

In the summer of 1964 or 1965, when I was about 18, I worked at WHP-TV in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as a cameraman. During the hours between the evening and late news, I'd hang around the radio station downstairs. The host was an urbane type who played a lot of jazz. Sometime he'd let me read the weather. One night he loaned me an album, certainly never played on the air.

I've never seen or heard of the album since. I can't find it with Google or at

Yes, it would help if I could remember the album's title, the name of the album or the orchestra, but of course I don't.

It was a small orchestra playing the classical war horses we're all familiar with. The musicians sounded as if they were trying their best. Unfortunately, it also sounded as if they were drinking during the concert and were hopelessly soused.

The question was not if the orchestra could finish the composition. It was whether the listener would have a heart attack or expire for lack of oxygen from laughing so hard.

It goes without saying that Iíve looked for this record for years.

Am hoping to find it again before my cosmic needle skips to the label and the tone arm returns to rest.

If anyone can help me locate the record or lead me closer to it, please email me, usarmycwo AT yahoo DOT com.

Even if it results in cardiac arrest and my lying on the floor gasping for breath, I will be forever grateful.