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First, I should say this is actually being written by my husband, Steve, as English isnít my native language. But Iíve read it, and he did a good job. He seems to know me pretty well for only 45 years of marriage.

Second, not only is English foreign to me, so is Western music. It's so different than the Thai music I grew up with and still enjoy. (For example:

So when I tell you what music I like, be aware that I have a limited range of musical experience. Essentially, itís limited to my husbandís (questionable) taste. When he puts on some music, he tries not to give me a headache, so over time he's come to understand what I like.

This is the music I like the most. Steve made CDs of their best songs for me from his collection. I play them when Iím ironing clothes or in the garden. Or just need a lift.

The Tashians. The best of three of their albums on one CD. Sometimes I play this more than anything else.

Johnny Cash. Oooh, I like his voice and songs.

Jesse Winchester. His, too.

Don Williams. But he's my favorite.

Robert Cray Band. All the time lately I seem to be playing him.

JJ Cale. I love his guitar.

John Denver. His greatest hits album has a lot of good songs. Especially Take Me Back, Country Road, which lets me think of when I was young in my village.

Eric Burdon and the Animals. The most exciting music.

Bob Dylan. Again, patterning my husband, it's the early Bob Dylan and his later Time Out of Mind I (we) like. But like a lot.

Tim Hardin. If I Were a Carpenter is one of my favorite songs.

Nashville Bluegrass Band. One great song after another.

Otis Redding. His love songs are so sweet. And his voice so good. He died when only 26 years old, my husband tells me. Oh, the sadness.

I think I see a pattern here: male singers, clear lyrics, good melodies.