Democrat/liberal position


Republican/conservative position


My position










1. Role of government.


1. Solution to all problems.


1. Source of all problems.


1. In between, but leaning strongly Republican. Less government is better government.










2. Crime.


2. Soft.


2. Hard.


2. More "truth in sentencing," more timely sentencing, more incorrigibles off the street. But also second chances to those who've served their time. Let's also remove drug use and consensual sex between adults as crimes.










2a. Capital punishment.


2a. Not even Hitler.


2a. A quick bullet in the back of the head.


2a. But used only when guilt certain beyond a shadow of a doubt.










2b. War on Drugs.


2b. Rehabilitate, not imprison.


2b. Imprison, not rehabilitate.


2b. Actually, I'd go further and decriminalize drug use by individuals.










3. Covid vaccinations.


3. Everyone, right away.


4. Personal decision.


4. Agree with the left that this is a public health measure. At the same time, businesses and schools must stay open, and the most vulnerable old, obese, etc need to protect themselves.










4. Welfare.


4. Give to everybody.


4. Give to nobody.


4. Help for short periods, not a lifetime. And only to US citizens.










5. Affirmative action.


5. Will always be needed.


5. Was never needed.


5. No longer needed. Now divides us, and undermines Black achievement, sowing doubt in their accomplishments.










6. Church and state.


6. More state.


6. More church.


6. But also see church having value in family and social welfare.










7. Environmental protection.


7. More.


7. Less.


7. It's the only planet we've got. At the same time, snail darters aren't as important as people.










8. Abortion.


8. On demand, any time.


8. Life begins as the pants come off.


8. Though I can see the pro-life argument, and generally oppose late-term abortions.










9. National Defense.


9. Jane Fonda.


9. John Wayne.


9. But with 40+ years in and around the military, I've seen too many examples of waste and abuse.










10. Gun control.


10. No one ever needs a gun.


10. Everyone always needs a gun.


10. The sad history of Blacks and Jews would be different had they/we been armed. But some control is needed, as requiring background checks for all sales (except between family members), as outlawing private sales outside gun shows, as barring gun purchases to those under 21.










11. Term limits.


11. Against.


11. Against.


11. Some long-term politicians are indeed paragons of virtue, but they're the exception that proves the rule. Term limits seems the best of a number of bad solutions.










12. Same-sex marriage


12. Ring them bells!


12. An abomination.


12. Yes, homosexuality is inborn. Yes, true love can be present between those of the same gender. But marriage is indeed between a man and a woman. Between those of the same sex, it's not marriage, it's a commitment.










13. Labor/ business.


13. Labor.


13. Business.


13. Unions have generally abused and outlived their once valid need, but workers must find ways to fight back if employers exploit.










14. Pornography.


14. Keep it legal.


14. Make it illegal.


14. Though wish we could find a way to promote erotica and minimize pornography. It's too soon to be sure, but I suspect pornography will negatively affect our young men ... and their wives.










15. Voter rights.


15. Let anybody vote.


15. Let only WASPs vote.


15. When I'm king, only veterans and high school graduates who pay income taxes (and their spouses) can vote.










16. Illegal immigration.


16. Any way you got here is OK.


16. Only if your family came on the Mayflower


16. What does the word "illegal" mean anyway? Why is it wrong to decide who enters our home(land)?










17. President Clinton.


17. Handsome charmer.


17. Slick Willie.


17. Sex in the Oval Office with 22-year-old intern. Slunk out of Mogadishu. Ignored Al Qaeda. Bombed cities in Serbia, our WWII ally. Net worth, after lifetime of govt service, $75M.










18. President Bush.


18. Abe Ghraib torturer.


18. Protector after 9/11.


18. Yeah, not the room's smoothest talker. But his principles were right, as were most of his actions.










19. President Obama.


19. The One.


19. The Devil.


19. Could have been on Mount Rushmore but failed too often, both foreign (Iran, Syria, Ukraine, ISIS, Israel) and domestic, losing one chance after another (illegal aliens, race relations, health care, judicial appointments, using IRS to punish political opponents, mass firing of our military generals, etc). Nice guy. Bad president.










20. President Trump.



20. Buffoon, narcissist and cheat, summarized in Trump Derangement Syndrome.


20. Make America Great Again.



20. Buffoon, narcissist and cheat, but got things done. And got my vote in 2020. I fear his influence in 2024, though.










21. President Biden.



21. Man of the People.



21. Doddering fool.



21. Worst of all a hypocrite, with adventures in Ukraine not the least example.










22. National debt.


22. Higher taxes.


22. Lower spending.


22. Govt spending is out of control. One day it will bankrupt us. We are kicking our problems to our grandchildren.










23. Personal freedom.


23. Less gov't interference. (Or so I thought until Covid showed I had it backward.)


23. More gov't interference.


23. A pox on both parties, but mostly Reps. They're the ones who kept Terri Schiavo on life support. They're for school prayer, against drug decriminalization, against a woman's control of her body. Then again, it's mostly Democrats who want to take away my right to protect my home and family.










24. Flag burning.


24. First Amendment right to free speech.


24. Yeah, burn in hell, too.


24. Painful to see the symbol of our nation burn, but it's what makes America what it is, the land of the free.










25. Prayer in public schools.


25. No religion in public schools, period.


25. Exactly why America has lost its moral values.


25. It's not important to me (well, not until Ramadan becomes a school holiday). Religion is best taught in the home, not the school, while school should be where we teach our children about religion.










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